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The #KidsNeedBooks movement begin May 2018. The brainchild of Ann Braden & Jarrett Lerner, #KidsNeedBooks is the arena where kidlit authors join together to offer up stacks of books for FREE to teachers, librarians, and educators. We hope our endeavor will ease a little of the strain from lack of books so many educators experience.

Want to be a teacher, librarian, or educator who wins a stack of books during our next pledge? Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified the next time we do!

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The #KidsNeedMentors pilot program pairs teachers and librarians with authors to mentor their students or reading clubs throughout the school year. Check out this School Library Journal article about the program.


This school year I'm paired with Mrs. Webster's fabulous 5th grade class from Moscow Hill Middle School in Mendon MA! 

So far, we've chatted via Skype, I've sent them a care-package of books and Motley Education goodies, and shared some writing advice for a writing exercise. Can't wait to see what these students come up with!

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