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Word Warriors 


Like FREE books? Um . . . yeah. I know, right? By signing up to be one of Author S.A. Larsen's (aka Sheri) Word Warriors, you are entitled to receive the author's books before they actually release to the public & retailers. How cool is that!? The only catch? In return is being a team player by posting a review on Amazon on release day.

*Reviews must be left on Amazon, but leaving reviews on other sites (Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, social media accounts, or your blog) are very much appreciated & will earn you eternal gratitude from yours truly. Before I became a published author, I had no idea how much a review could affect an author's career. It does. Reviews are what draw other potential readers to an author's work, to give their books a try, and you play a big part in that. You matter. And from the bottom of my heart I thank you. 

The deets: 


  • Reviews are to be your honest opinion--how the book affected you, how you felt, your thoughts, etc... I truly want to know what you thought of my work (positive and negative), and other potential readers want to know that, too.

  • You must have reviewed in said genre before. There is a place on the signup sheet to share a link to a previous review by you. I ask this to insure that you actually review books. I hope you understand, but not everyone out there is as honest as you. 

*I only have so many Warrior spots available, so sign up ASAP! 

Ready to become a Word Warrior? Sign up below!

By signing up & filling out the form below, you agree to become part of Sheri's Word Warriors and join her ARC mailing list - solely to receive information ONLY when a new ARC is available. When a new ARC is available, you will receive an email with a link to the format you have indicated you'd like to read. 

Read on, Word Warrior! Thank you for being part of my author journey!

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